MLS – What and Why

MLS stands for Multiple Listings Service and it is a huge database of homes for sale that includes information such as property details, taxes, asking price, etc. The MLS was produced and is maintained by real estate professionals. This is how information circulates about listings in the real estate world. Instead of meeting in person to exchange information about recent listings like agents did in the late 1800s, this database makes the process SO much easier.. obviously! 

MLS vs. Zillow

So, is Zillow an MLS? Contrary to popular belief, NO. Zillow is not an MLS. Yes, buyers can access information on Zillow about a certain home, but some important information is restricted and can only be accessed by a real estate professional. Zillow and the MLS are completely different and while all homes on Zillow are on the MLS, not all homes on the MLS are on Zillow. MLS access is limited to real estate brokers who pay an annual fee.

Why is this important? The MLS is a crucial part of your real estate journey, whether you are a buyer or a seller. If you are wanting to sell your home without an agent, your home cannot be listed on the MLS, meaning buyers who are working with an agent are less likely to see your listing. If you are a buyer who is not working with an agent, you could potentially be missing listings that align with your wants and needs.

An agent is your KEY to the potential that the MLS holds. Take advantage of the connections that a real estate professional has through their limited access. It could totally change your experience. 

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