An updated bathroom rivals an updated kitchen! It’s one of the first places people look when shopping around to purchase a home. Your bathroom can also be a haven to relax and pamper yourself in the meantime while you are enjoying your home.

1. The Spa Experience

Keep your decorations minimal and your colors neutral to give your bathroom a “spa like” feel. Avoid clutter to allow as much space as possible and let it natural light. The softness of the simplicity will aid in your relaxation at the in-home spa!

2. Indoor/Outdoor Flow

Maximize your view of whatever landscape is right outside your window. Floor to ceiling windows allow for the indoor/outdoor flow. If you have neighbors, don’t be afraid of windows! Privacy window films are easily available and fairly cheap. If you don’t have that possibility in your bathroom, bring the outdoors inside. Plants are a beautiful feature to any bathroom and can be beneficial in more ways than one. Eucalyptus, aloe and golden pathos are just a few of the many plants that thrive in humidity.

3. Decor

Think past hand towels and soap dispensers! Light fixtures are an excellent touch that sometimes slips ones mind when it comes to bathrooms. Don’t get afraid to go for a chandelier to add a luxe touch to your bathroom. Vintage lighting and mirrors are in style, but if you’d rather stay away from that look, think stone and marble when it comes to updating your bathroom.

4. Fashionable and Functional

Most importantly, create a layout for your bathroom that works. Even if your taste changes over the years, having a core layout that is organized and accessible is key. Updating a bathroom can be costly, so it’s important to invest in a remodel that you will love for years, even if the little details change.

Creating a bathroom that you love could be a key component in selling your home one day!