Welcome to the world of homeownership! First— congratulations! If you’ve been renting for a while, you know that one positive of renting is the luxury of being able to call your landlord up to handle common problems like a leaky faucet or a drywall mishap. Being a homeowner means you will have to take on these responsibilities and it’s best to be prepared! Here is a list of tools that will be great to have on hand and ones that will definitely get a lot of use!

An assortment of Hand Tools

A bag filled with these tools is the bare minimum for a homeowner! Hammer, screwdriver, pliers, tape measure, etc will be the automatic go-tos when it comes to little repairs around the home, DIY projects and even putting together that furniture you bought from IKEA! These basic tools are simply helpful in everyday life.


Are you planning on decorating your home with wall hangings? For the lighter decorations, you’ll be able to get away with command strips (at the potential risk of damaging your paint), but for anything heavier, for example a mirror, drywall simply won’t cut it. You’ll need to make sure you secure a hook in the stud so that your mirror stays secure. A stud finder helps you get it right the first time, preventing trial and error, ultimately damaging dry wall. You can buy a stud finder for around $10!


If you are even a little bit picky about decorations being straight, a level will be your best friend. No matter what you’re hanging, whether it’s a picture frame or a new towel bar, get in the habit of using a level to get the job done correctly.


You will probably end up using a ladder more than you ever thought you would. Smoke detectors, air filters and light bulbs are common household items that are all out of reach, but need routine maintenance. Having access to a ladder will help prevent the possibility of leaving these things unattended to.

Safety Equipment

At the very least, get yourself some safety glasses and work gloves. This equipment can be used for more than just DIY home improvement. Use this gear in gardening, when cleaning with harsh chemicals or when moving furniture around. It’s always smart to keep safety equipment readily available.

Saw and A Sawhorse

Okay, maybe you don’t necessarily NEED this one, but it can’t hurt to own, especially if you are an aspiring DIYer. Saws are great for navigating close corners and a sawhorse is so versatile and can serve as a work bench right in your own home!

You know your limits about what you are and are not comfortable with when it comes to taking care of your new home. If you are a DIY kind of person and want to be hands-on when it comes to home maintenance, make sure to be prepared. Quickly and efficiently maintaining your home will ultimately be good for the homes overall value. If you do not want to be very hands on with that kind of work, research local companies that can help you in each field of home maintenance so that you know who to call when the time comes.

If you need suggestions about companies in our area who can help with your new needs as a homeowner, call Castro Real Estate Team! We will be happy to guide you in the right direction!