Spring is finally here and with the warm weather comes spring cleaning! A well cared for home will make it more enjoyable for you and if you ever decide to sell, it can boost your potential selling point! If you’re struggling with finding a starting point, there are three main things you should focus on when tackling your spring cleaning this year.

1. Make it Inviting!

Fix anything in your home that’s broken, check for lightbulbs that need changing and give every room a clear purpose. It’s easy to let the little things slide throughout the year, but while you’re in spring cleaning mode, go ahead and tackle those little things that fell to the wayside. Giving each room a clear purpose can help with the flow of your home and aid in preventing junky pile-ups. Every thing has a place and a purpose!

2. Show it’s Cared for!

Clean and de-clutter all the little areas that don’t always get the most love – like vents and baseboards. Touch up the scuffs and marks for a cleaned finished look. Clean out those junk drawers and donate all the things that no longer serve a purpose in your home. Organizing countertops and giving extra care to those small details shows how well your home is cared for overall.

3. Boost it’s Curb Appeal!

The exterior is the first impression of your home, so make it a good one! Power wash your home, wash your windows inside and out, and freshen up any entry ways with lighting and plants. Make sure the landscaping around your home is tidy and inviting. A little yard work on a nice spring day is good for the heart!

Use this spring cleaning season as an opportunity to give your home a little face lift! And if you decide to sell your home in the future, you’ll be so thankful you kept up with the little details that helped maintain the integrity of your home.