Welcome to Realtors on the Go!

Under Construction
Please note that this is a currently developing project. We will add new videos and showcases on a regular basis, but Realtors on the Go is in its infancy. Thank You!

Realtors on the Go (RotG) is a community project initiated by Castro Real Estate Team in order to showcase the wonderful locations, businesses, events, and people we have in Eastern North Carolina.
Each segment will be about a business, business owner, or something similar that enriches the local community.

No matter how long someone has lived in an area, there are always new places to go and new people to meet. This is especially true for recent movers into a new home, and whether for military or otherwise, we get a lot of new residents in the Onslow County/Camp Lejeune area.
With time, it is our intention to become a trusted resource for locals, transplants, and visitors alike!

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