Sell Your Home on TV!

If you’ve been following our team, you know that we are hosting a national television show called The American Dream TV. You’ve probably seen some of our behind the scenes photos, snippets of our interviews and maybe even an episode or two! But, what exactly is The American Dream? How did it start and how it is going to help sell your home?

What is it?

The American Dream Tv is a show that highlights different cities across the U.S. with intent to focus on Real Estate, lifestyle and culture. The show has been filmed in cities ranging from San Francisco, over to Dallas and up into the North East. The producers target real estate agents in each city who can bring forth an inspiring and positive story. These experts are then given the opportunity to show off their area and what makes it so amazing, including local favorite restaurants and activities and even some of the real estate that is for sale.

How Did it Start?

A man named Craig Sewing created The American Dream Tv Show. Sewing is a public speaker, leader, media entrepreneur and the CEO of Ignite Now Media. His main goal with this show is to combat negative media cycles and instead, bring forth a positive and uplifting show that highlights real life and gives people a chance to talk about why they love where they live. A show that focuses on the positive instead of the negative? Yes, please. Thank you, Craig!

How is it Going to Help Sell your Home?

Exposure, exposure, exposure! A huge part of selling real estate is marketing your home. The bigger the audience, the higher chance you have of receiving more offers and potentially selling your home for a higher price. It’s no secret that Eastern North Carolina is a hot spot and naturally a place where people tend to gravitate. So, when selling a home, think of all the potential customers that are not right here in the Old North State. How are we going to reach them? A national Tv show sounds like a good start!

Why our Team?

Diane Castro-Perez has been in the business for over 14 years. She started as a single agent and built her business into a 20+ man team. Inspiring? Yes. She’s incredibly positive and instills that in her team. When the producers for the show reached out to Diane, she was a little hesitant. If you know her, you know that she is a “hermit” as she likes to call it. But, she decided it was a good move to expand the marketing for her clients. The team welcomed the idea with open arms and the ride has been a blast! We are excited to show more of our area and get your homes listed on this incredible show!

If you think now is a good time to sell, watch our episodes here