In the past couple years, you have most likely been spending more time at home than ever. It’s easy to be uninspired by the things around you, especially when you see them day in and day out, everyday. You can make your space more stimulating by freshening it up with a few simple and inexpensive tips. The keys to success- design and Feng Shui!

1. Designate

If you’re feeling a little disoriented between work, meals, leisure, etc, try breaking up the areas of your home to specifically serve one purpose. Even if you have a small space, you can separate these areas with curtains or furniture. Making a plan to designate areas of your home to specific tasks, such as work and exercise will also present the opportunity to clean up and clean out the specific areas that you want to use. You can clean out and declutter all of the things that do not serve a purpose in each dedicated area, helping you stay organized and on track!

2. Color!

The first thing that comes to mind is paint! Painting is one of the cheapest ways to energize your home. You can stick with neutrals for a more classic look, or opt to go with a dramatic pop of color. Feng Shui experts suggest using greens and blues throughout the home since they are calming colors. If you don’t think you are quite ready to dive into painting, consider experimenting with colorful throws, pillows and other decorations.

3. Scents

Good smells immediately boost the welcoming and coziness of a home. And the great thing about scents is that they do have mood boosting qualities! Consider using different scents that flow with the mood of each individual room throughout the home. Lemon is calming and clarifying, lavender is a stress reliever, rosemary improves memory retention, cinnamon helps improve concentration and focus, peppermint stimulates clear thinking— and the list goes on and on. A candle or an oil diffuser can be a great and easy addition to every room.

4. Greenery

Yes! Plants are such an easy way to boost your home in so many different ways! Not only do they add a nice visual touch to your home, but they also bring light and oxygen into your home. The key is to choose the right plants for you. Consider the level of care you want to give; something “high-maintenance” or something a little easier. There is a plant for everyone!

5. Light

Bringing light into your home will help the space feel more open, uplifting, stimulating and motivating. There are a few easy things you can do to brighten up your space. Consider using bright/soft colors when painting, but keep a contrast. Use mirrors! Strategically placing mirrors around a room can really help bring it to life. If your home doesn’t have a lot of windows and you aren’t ready to create new ones, consider a glass door replacement. Also, consider changing the curtains around your windows to something sheer that will allow light to enter.

These small and inexpensive tweaks can make all the difference in your home. A home that you enjoy is a house you will take pride in. And the better you care for your home, the better opportunities you will have when the time comes to sell!