Need to list your house? Let a Real Estate Agent help!

There are a lot of factors that goes into choosing the listing price of your house. Just because a home in your neighborhood sold for (x) amount of money does not necessarily mean that your home will sell for the same price; maybe it’s more! The only way to ensure you are choosing the correct listing price for your home is to partner with a real estate agent with the correct training.

You don’t want to underprice your home because this decreases your future buying power, leave money on the table and you risk buyers assuming that something is wrong with your house. On the flip side, you don’t want to overprice your home because higher prices may deter some buyers and your home is likely to sit on the market longer.

Make sure you sell for the right price!

A trusted real estate agent, like Castro Team, will help you determine the fair market value of your home, meaning you will get the highest dollar possible in the shortest amount of time. By listing the home fairly, you are more likely to receive an offer at or ABOVE list price. The agent you partner with will perform a CMA to determine what your unique fair market price is. This includes, researching the value of similar homes in your area, the condition of your house, where prices are headed and the current buyer demand.

Castro Team ranges all across the coast of North Carolina, meaning we have a variety of agents who are well versed in neighborhoods from Jacksonville all the way to Wilmington. Teaming up with an agent who won’t miss those little details that make each area unique is a huge factor in ensuring your house is priced perfectly. Castro Team also goes above and beyond to help stage your home to appeal to buyers and market your home across multiple platforms.

If you are considering listing your home, don’t just pick a price; you may be missing out on great potential!