Thank You to Our Small Businesses!

Running a small business can be difficult and the obstacles that owners face everyday do not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Which is exactly why Castro Team is passionate about supporting the local businesses from Swansboro to Wilmington and everywhere in between. We shop local as often as possible and constantly share the praises of the mom and pop shops that line our coast.

American Dream TV

Diane Castro-Perez and Castro Team currently host a national tv show called The American Dream where we are given the opportunity to show the nation just how awesome our area is and everything that it has to offer, including your small business. We have featured everything from frozen yogurt to swimming pools to restaurants to helicopter rides to beach picnics! Every category fits, no matter what your small business offers.

Let Us Feature YOU!

We want to see you and your local business thrive and will always do everything we can to continue that support. If you are interested in showing your hard work to the nation and being featured on The American Dream, give us a call! It is of no charge to you.

Check out some of our previous segments from other local businesses in the area! Topsail is a hot spot for tourists and we want to help you get the word out about your local business so that they become your guests!

Swing Away: The go-to spot for unforgettable entertainment and interactive experience featuring indoor golf, baseball and softball simulators.

Hightide Helicopters: A Premier flight training school in Southport, North Carolina for commercial purposes or personal enjoyment.

Ironclad Golf: One component of a multi-purpose entertainment venue operated by Ironclad Brewery.