Homeowners Are Sitting on a Goldmine

If you’re looking for a reason to sell your home, you probably don’t have to look far. “The housing market is crazy right now.” How many times have you heard that? The fact of the matter is that homeowners are basically sitting on gold. Inventory is at an all-time low. Buyers are flocking to homes, meaning houses simply are not staying on the market for as long as they did prior to the pandemic. So, as a homeowner, the power is in your hands, right?

Don’t Wait For The Competition – The Time is Now

Right. But, there’s a catch. The power is in your hands right now. Some homeowners are waiting to list their homes in the spring/summer and, at the same time, builders are completing houses, plotting land and preparing for a new wave of housing. Inventory will increase this summer and by extension, those homes are your competition as a seller. Don’t wait for the competition to increase in your area.

Ready To Sell? Ask The Questions

Maybe you have some questions about your home before you hop on the phone and call a realtor. Maybe you are simply just curious. So, we’re providing an easy and free way for you to find the answers to 3 burning questions. The answers may help you decide your next move.

1. What is my home worth?
2. What could my home rent for?
3. Can I afford another home with my current equity?