Fix it before you sell it?

Are you considering selling your home, but think you may need to make some updates first? With our current housing market, updates may not be completely necessary since buyers have limited options. Nearly 2 in 5 potential homebuyers would consider purchasing a home requiring renovations. If you are unsure, set up an appointment with a trusted real estate professional to determine if you need to make updates and if so, which ones. Our team of trained experts will visit your home before listing to put together a plan that will give you the advantage of selling your home for the highest price possible. If renovations are needed, we will be happy to let you know which ones will be most beneficial in the efforts to sell your home for more!

Return on Investment?

If you are wanting to tackle some home remodeling projects and you are curious about what updates have the highest cost recovery, here’s a list from highest to lowest:

* Hardwood Flooring Refinish – 147%
* Roofing – 100%
* Garage Door – 100%
* Vinyl Siding – 82%
* Bathroom Renovation – 71%
* Vinyl Windows – 67%
* Kitchen Upgrade – 67%

Some renovations simply may not be worth the headache and added expense. Castro Team can help you weigh the pros and cons of the cost of waiting as repairs are completed, decide what you need to prioritize, understand what buyers are looking for in you area, highlight any upgrades you’ve already made when you do list your home. We are familiar with the housing market along a stretch of miles along North Carolina’s coast, so we know what is selling and what buyers are looking for in each individual area.
If you’re thinking about selling your house, let’s connect so you have expert advice that’s customized to your home and our local area.