Laundry Room Updates are Everywhere!

For everyone who watches Reels, Tik Toks or the many videos that come across social media, I am sure you’ve seen the incredible home improvement and organization tips that people come up with. They are honestly so satisfying! You may be thinking that these improvements are simply not in your budget right now, but we’ve put together a budget friendly list that will spruce up your laundry room without breaking the bank.

Light Fixtures

A great way to update any room is to change out the light fixtures! Creating a more modern look with light fixtures will automatically alter the room without much effort or time.


Change the handles on the cabinets in your laundry room. Removing cabinets and replacing them with new ones can be a daunting task that will leave you exhausted, but simply changing or painting the handles can get you that look you desire. If you do choose to paint that handles, choose a color that nicely contrasts with the color of your cabinets.
You can also modify the insides of your cabinets! Remove shelves to create more space or add different shelving to help separate supplies. Creating a more organized space for this daily task makes all the difference.


Install shelves in areas that are not commonly used. For example, putting shelving behind the door for storing irons, detergents, cleaners, etc will maximize the space. This is especially helpful if your laundry room is on the smaller side.


Let’s be honest: curtains just make rooms look better! Bring some freshness to your laundry room with a pop of color or a cool pattern. Curtains are a great alternative for paint and wallpaper.


Put your detergents, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, bleach, etc in labeled glass jars. Yes, it’s a little extra work, but when everything has a place, it creates less stress for you in the end. Plus, the jars are just so dang pretty!!
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