Upgrade Your Home AND Add Value

Whether you are looking to sell your home soon or not, it’s a great idea to add updates to your home that not only you can enjoy, but will also add value so that if you ever decide to sell, it increases your price! Here are 3 low-cost updates that won’t require a huge contract or heavy equipment, but will add a value-added punch.

1. Kitchen Upgrades

• Add a backsplash/update countertops
• Refinish your cabinets
• Update lighting
• Update faucets and fixtures
• Add shutters/blinds

2. Create A Smart Home

• Smart thermostat
• Smart security
• Smart lights

3. Bathrooms Updates

• Fresh light fixtures
• Create more storage
• Update faucets
• Add tile/stone to your shower
Not every update will necessarily add value to your home, but there are certain updates that prove to be desirable by a majority of people. If you want to tackle some minor upgrades that you can enjoy while living in your home, take the opportunity to double down and add home value!
If you have questions about upgrades, selling your home or where to move next, give us a call!