Real Estate Agent

Thomas Travolina has been actively serving buyers in North Carolina since 2014. In my career,
I have helped multiple buyers attain the home of their dreams. From Townhomes and
Condominiums, to Single-family homes. Dealing with several properties sold and working
through an up and down market, my experience and expertise can guide you through the home
buying process.
“In order to exceed the expectations of my buyers, I first would love to meet with clients to
discuss their lifestyle needs in a home. I believe that a person’s home should reflect their
lifestyle. Whether it’s children, pets, schools, or transportation needs, your home should fit into
your own criteria.”
Hard work and personalized service go into everything Thomas does. He makes sure he
surpasses the bar he sets for himself. Not just 100%, but 110%! His knowledge and
commitment make him stand out in the industry.